Friday, March 9, 2012

Go to our NEW BLOG!

Detail of "Crosstimbers" by Fran Hardy copyright

Go to the link above to follow our all new blog, same project, new name and more about all our exciting projects. Fran

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Creative Native Project is now being called the Earth Chronicles Project with a new blogspot. Please follow us at our new blogspot address.

Same Exciting Project, New Title, New Blog

Underpainting for Oklahoma Cypress Swamp in egg tempera
by Fran Hardy copyright

I have chosen this painting in progress because we are in the progress of making great strides with our project and have renamed it the Earth Chronicles Project. I am now writing on a new blog with that title so go to
Keep following us as I resume my blogging and tell you about what we have been so busy with on our project and why we are so excited. We are working on linking this blog with the new one. In the meantime any techies that have advice as we begin the transitioning process please give us info, feedback, advice. But please keep following us as we have many new and exciting things coming up with our project. 

Our new website address is